LIMITED WARRANTY: Northland Landscape & Construction warrants to the original purchaser that its workmanship for a period of two years from the date of project completion. Foundations and framing are covered by a 10 year warranty. In the event of an application defect within this period, Northland Landscape & Construction will provide services required to repair such defect. Warranty is limited to the project which has been paid in full per the proposal / contract terms. Warranty is restricted only to applications techniques and does not apply to the limited warranty provided by the product manufacturer. Warranty is not transferable.

CHANGE ORDERS – EXTRA WORK: Any changes, alterations, or extras from the original drawings or specifications which may be required by public building codes or requirements shall be executed by change order and paid by the Owner. During construction, the Owner may order extra work. The amount for such extra work shall be determined in advance if possible, or the Owner may be charged for the cost of labor and materials plus 20% for Contractor’s overhead and fee. All sums for extra work shall be due and payable before commencement of work on each extra. Any deviation from the contract documents must be agreed upon by the contracting parties. Signature or verbal agreement of one of the owners shall be deemed sufficient acceptance of the changes in the construction plans and specifications. CHANGE ORDERS WILL BE BILLED SEPARATELY