A porch or addition may be a great option for your living needs if you are looking for an alternative to expand an area of your home. But what is the difference between a porch and addition, and what do they each have to offer?

A porch is an area that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying out of nature’s elements, like the sun or mosquitoes (yes, the dreaded mosquitoes!) There are many distinctive styles of porches like a front porch or “Portico”, a pavilion or covered patio, or an “open porch” or “covered porch” (which are essentially the same thing). The most common types of porches in Minnesota however tend to be your screened porch, 3-season porch, or 4-season porch because of those “dreaded mosquitoes” this state harbors. A screened porch can be viewed as a 3-season porch, wherein it only offers a space that you can use for most of the year since our climate can get too cold for use in the winter. A 4-season porch though allows for the space to be utilized year-round since you are able to heat the area with a fireplace or cool it if needed.

An addition on the other hand is typically a finished area that adds living space to an existing home. Such additions to a structure can include a full-size house addition, kitchen addition, a room addition or “bump out,” a sunroom, or an attic/basement addition. Even a garage can be expanded and have an addition added as well! If you find your space may be a little tight and you are looking to gain a little more square footage with your property, an addition may be the best option for you. Not only would it increase your space, but it would increase the value of your home as well.