A fence is a great idea to have around your property line if you would like to keep pets from getting out of your yard, or to help keep children and kids remain inside a certain area that you know will be safe for them while playing. It is also a clever idea to have a fence to prevent trespassers and intruders from coming into your yard, while also securing your property from others seeing what you may have. If not around the perimeter of your property, a fence is a great idea for around a swimming pool to keep others out, or around a garden to deter some of those annoying critters from getting in.

There are numerous options for fences depending on the look and function you are trying to achieve:

A solid wood fence is great for backyard privacy and is very versatile, while giving an area more of a natural look. The design of a wood fence can range from simple to decorative, and the slats of the fence can be placed to run either vertical or horizontal. The most common types of material used for wood fences in Minnesota is typically cedar wood or green-treated or brown-treated pine. To maintain wood fences, they should either be stained or sealed, however you can let them go naturally. If using a cedar wood, they will turn to a grey tone.

Chain link fences are probably the most budget friendly fencing out there. They do the job when it comes to keeping pets or kids in while keeping a secure and durable area. They’re typically quick and easy to install, is uniformed and is available in many different colors. Typically they are galvanized or coated to keep them from corroding. What’s nice about a chain link fence is that you can easily add more gates, posts or brackets in the future if need be.

Vinyl fences are another budget friendly type of fencing that makes a great privacy fence for security, around a pool or as a decorative piece. They are made of plastic based materials and are easy to install and maintain. They come in a variety of colors and should never need to be repainted or stained.

Composite fencing is made of resin or plastic wood that makes for a great privacy and security fence. It may look like natural wood or stone and can come in a multitude of colors. It may cost more upfront, but it is heavy duty and is built to last a long, long time.

A wrought-iron or metal fence is the longest-lasting type of fence. They are heavy duty fences that are exceptionally durable and sturdy. These features make it a great fence for security purposes since it’s tough for people to try to cut to get through them. They are typically a decorative fence that is great for around property lines and pools. And even though it deters people and animals from coming through, they still keep it open enough for you to be able to view the outside world. Wrought iron and metal fences are minimal maintenance, needing minimal cleaning or repairs, and they should not fade or discolor. They should last a lifetime and rarely need replacement. Because of these positive features, you may pay more up front initially, but it is well worth the investment in the end.

Other types of fences that can be installed on a property include split rail fence, horse and livestock fence, invisible fence, slat fence, barbed wire fence, garden fence, and as mentioned, pool fence. Whatever your needs, we can have our own locator come to your area to properly locate your property line. From there, we can give you privacy and security in no time so you no longer have to worry about your kids, pets or possessions!