Has the foundation of your house started to crack or fall apart? Or are you looking at putting in a new foundation for a future house or structure? If so, we can help!

A sound foundation for a structure is extremely critical because it helps to hold up the building and bear heavy loads, while stabilizing it during movements and distributing the total load to larger areas for even support. The foundation needs to be strong enough to hold up against various weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rains, earth movement and storms. Without a good, solid foundation, cracks in drywalls may start to form, water damage may occur creating rot and mold from moisture, you may notice windows and doors working poorly, and your floors may even begin to slope. If left unfixed, your home may become rendered unsafe to occupy.

Foundation & Framing

Finding the correct foundation for your current or soon to be structure is important. You should take into consideration what you will be using the structure for. Also, keeping in mind the climate, soil and moisture in the area will help decide what foundation you should end up using.

The typical foundations that are used for structures tend to be concrete blocks, wood foundations, pre-poured concrete, concrete panels or below-grade ICF walls. You may not even need a foundation built on concrete blocks or walls per-se. If you decide to do a one level house all you may need is a slab-on-grade foundation.

Once a foundation is set, we can also frame for the future structure. This could be for a house, garage, pole barn, commercial building, shed, etc. Materials like wood, engineered wood, structural steel or reinforced concrete are used to build the design. Once the framing for the structure is complete, you yourself are able to finish the rest of the building, or we can continue the process of the build and finish the rest so you won’t have to worry about a thing. In the end, you will have a stable foundation and structure to move in to and use for many, many years!