Heavy equipment: equipment that is self-propelled, self-powered or a pull-type of equipment or machinery that weighs 5,000 pounds or more. Heavy equipment is also known as heavy machinery, construction vehicles or construction equipment. Machines such as dump trucks, backhoes, skid steers, booms, excavators, track loaders and scissor lifts are all considered heavy equipment and are designed to do exactly what is stated in the name itself; executing construction tasks and earthwork operations by doing heavy-duty work.

Heavy equipment is used for many things to help complete construction or earthwork projects. Without equipment like backhoes or excavators, it would make it tough to dig a trench or a foundation for a future house or building. Skid steers and track loaders help to grade areas for roads, driveways, or property grades. Aerial lifts such as a scissor lift or boom lift replace a ladder or scaffolding to make a safer work environment to get to those high-in-the-sky areas for jobs that may involve tree removal or roofing. Backhoes help with demolition work. And dump trucks are available to help haul in or haul away material.

Whatever the job entails, having the right piece of equipment to help get it done is an especially important asset to have. It reduces the cost of labor and cuts down on the time it takes to complete a construction or landscape job. Not only that, but it reduces the risk of injury and wear and tear on those who are working on the jobsite. With our own in-house dump truck, backhoe, and skid steers, we are able to complete your job in a timely and efficient manner!