Does your property sit on a grade that is slowly eroding due to water run off? Or do you have an area of your property that you would like to make more use of, but you can’t because it is at an incline? If so, then a retaining wall or boulder wall may be the right option for you!

A retaining wall presents many benefits to a property. Over the years, land that has steep slopes or small hillsides will eventually erode due to heavy rains, winds, and even water run-off from irrigation systems. Installing a retaining wall helps manage these water run-offs by redirecting the way the water travels, especially during a heavy rainstorm. Retaining walls even help prevent the possibility of sinkholes that can form from the pooling of water. And structurally, a home foundation that sits on an incline may be at jeopardy if the soil around it is not supported. A retaining wall will provide that structural support that is needed in order to keep a home foundation safe from structure failure.

Retaining wall

Aside from providing added integrity and structure to soil, a retaining wall can create a sloped grade to become useable and functional. By flattening out an area, it opens up many options for a homeowner to install a patio to sit on and relax, create an outdoor kitchen or bar area for entertaining, or plant a vegetable or flower garden. The options are endless! It also makes a piece of property aesthetically pleasing by creating curb appeal, which adds value to a property.

One of the biggest decisions is, what style of retaining wall are you looking for to create your back yard space? Retaining wall material can come in many different forms. If you are looking for something more modern, a modular block or concrete retaining wall would be a great option. How about a little more natural? Boulder retaining walls or natural stone will pull that look you are trying to achieve. Or how about simplistic yet stylish? Treated lumber definitely offers that. If you think you may need a retaining wall on your property, or replace an existing one, we are here to help you choose the correct material for the location and install it, so you no longer have to worry about the future stability of the soil on your land.